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Our Crew

Danny Pinson

Danny Pinson has been in avionics maintenance for 35 plus years. He served in the Navy for 10 years, troubleshooting SA3 electrical systems and went into General Aviation in 1989.  He worked for and also managed several avionics shops then owned and operated Omega Avionics for 7 years. He managed Falcon Executive Aviation's Avionics Shop in Mesa, Arizona for five years before opening DNT Avionics in Grand Junction. He is knowledgeable in aircraft instrumentation, avionics installation, and troubleshooting. He believes what you don't see (what's behind the panel) is just as important as what you see in the panel.

Nathan Pinson
Avionics Tech
Milton Pinson
A&P Mechanic

Nathan started working with his father at 15 when Danny managed the Avionics Shop at Timberline Aviation in Grand Junction, Colorado. He has been in avionics for 16+ years and has vast knowledge about avionics installations, troubleshooting, and is a craftsman at making your panels look good.

Milton served in the Navy working on EA6B's then went to A&P school in 2003. He has worked for Grand Valley Aircraft Services, Falcon Executive Aviation, Boeing, Sierra Nevada, and West Star.

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